Help me analyze my KID loss...


I don't have access to a good engine... hopefully someone can help.  This game was played 11/10/10 Commercial Chess League of New York round 3.  I played Black and showed up to the game 13 min late.  The time control is 85 min with a 5 sec increment.  



A couple of positional things jump out (you may want to check with a higher rated player than me though!):

(1) Allowing your opponent to capture your light-squared bishop is a mistake after playing f4, f5 g4 etc. It leaves you with a big light-squared weakness. Your game looks like a bit of a hybrid of the Na6 and Mar del Plata KID lines. In the latter, black's light-squared bishop is very important.

(2) 16. ... Nc5 is a mistake because there is no threat to capture e4 (owing to the knight on d2). This allows your opponent to play b4 with tempo. You want to be able to play Nc5 then play a5 to protect against b4 (there are also KID lines where black plays a5 before Na6).




Don't allow White to get pieces into the kingside area after you advance your pawns. If white is allowed to do this, then he will be able to exchange pieces and the resulting endgame must be worse for Black.