Help needed to understand a move.


This is a game that I have recently submitted for Computer Analysis. I am particularly confused by one move illustrated in the diagram, that the computer has labelled the Best Move.
In the actual game I played Nfg5, recognising that the pawn on f6 is pinned to the King and planning Qf7#.
However, after the Black King moves to f8, the best move as declared by the computer is Qxf6. I cannot figure out a continuation that leads to checkmate for White after the simple gxf6. Even more confusingly, the best move for Black in this position is Ke8.
I am by no means a master so please forgive anything that I have missed and help if you can. Thank you in advance.

2. ... gxf6 3. Bh6+ Kf7 (Ke8 and Kg8 both lead to mate after 4. Nxf6+ Kf7 Ng5#) 4. Nfg5+ (notice the pin on the black f-pawn) Kg6 5. Rxf6+ Kh5 6. Be2+ Kh4 7. g3+ Bxg3 8. hxg3#.

That's the continuation I believe.


Bh6 is the key.


Ok, I think I've got it.

Mate in 7


short answer is all lines lead to mate like the 2 lines shown. also if say Kf7 leads to mate as well at move 19 i can show u if u would like:)


I was too slow. Puzzle solution is the same as the line given be efour above. I think I have covered all possible variations.


Practical answer is Nfg5 is completely winning too, because black's position is absolutely junk, so it was good to play the move you could see the end of.

Of course the computer doesn't care about that sort of thing and finds a forced mate.  Not a practical sequence, but it's nice to see possibilities in a position sometimes.


"This is a blunder by Black. In the current position the game is scored (18.7)"

18.7 advantage with even material? That's huge. It means white's going to get a lot of material. The move it makes is because mate is inevitable or loss of material.

If gxf6, white has a

guaranteed checkmate.

2... gxf6

3. Bh6+ Kf7

4. Nfg5+ Kg6

5. Rxf6+ Kh5

6. Be2+ Kh4

7. g3+ Bxg3

8. hxg3#


Thank you everyone for your help. Clear and illuminating. I look forward to the day when I have the same vision as everyone who posted with lines and insights. Smile


u do already mepearson u just have to dig deep into ur chess knowledge and polish upCool