How to play Black?


Hey!  When using Learn>Analysis, I move the first white piece, then allow computer to continue play.  However, no matter how the board is flipped, the computer always defaults me to playing white.  I want to play black.  How to do it?



To play as Black against the computer, go to Play Chess Online Against the Computer - (also available by hovering over the play button, and selecting "computer"), and scroll down to "engine". Then, you can customize what strength it is, and ultimately select what color you'd like. 


Ok, got that, now, how to force the computer to play a certain opening, King's pawn for example?


You can select black as an option, or white, or both if you have no preference.


I don't see "engine" at all under play chess against the computer. I presume you mean to first click on the Play button right under the chesscom logo in the upper right? When I do, nowhere do I see 'engine.' Could you be more specific, thanks, lisaaa