How to win truly won games?


Winning the Won Game Paperback - September 1, 2004


In the book Winning Chess Strategy - Yasser, Chapter 2 and 3 are essentially on this subject:

Chapter Two: Making the Most of Material Advantage
Chapter Three: Stoping Enemy Counterplay


If you can read a book, book is a shortcut. I think there are then shortcurts, since there are books just about on the subject (Daniel Kopec, Lubomir Ftacnik, 2004) and parts of the book's contents on subject (Yasser Seirawan, 2005).

Now if anyone says they are useless books, waste of time, that there are no shortcuts in teaching and learning of chess (on that subject, for example), then it would be something to be really discussed. The myriad of METHODS that are passed from generation to generation as true shortcuts to some part of the game says the opposite.

Never is end of story in chess, my dear trolls...


Uh-oh, looks like "shortcuts" is here entering the Semantics Zone...