I don't understand how to use Analysis on my games.


I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, let me know if I should move it.


I played a live game and then I went over to analysis to see what I could have done better. I understood everything in the analysis up to move 12 and 13. The analysis seems obviously wrong, but I am such a low level player that surely I am wrong. Please help me understand what is going on here and how I should be using Analysis to improve. Maybe the problem is that players at such a low level make so many mistakes that Analysis does not apply?


I blundered earlier and got forked (I am playing Black). I thought my move #13 ... Bc5 was a great recovery to my earlier blunder. However, the Analysis engine is telling me that I should have played 12 .. Ng4 which would have been followed by 13. Bf4. 


If I had played 12 .. Ng4, wouldn't the obvious move for white have been exd6 losing my bishop and the mate that I was trying to setup?


Here is the game in question. I realize that I made a lot of mistakes in the game. I'm not asking for help on this game rather, how do I use the Analysis tool to improve when it seems the Analysis is wrong.



Thought it might be useful to see the computer analysis:



I'm chessed out at the moment, but if no one else comments, I'll come back and take a look.  It's nap time...LOL

Took another look.  White won't take the bishop with exd6 or he'll lose his Q.


Doh ... I moved my rook to e8 for just that purpose! Chess is a great game for learning humility.

Thanks for helping.


To be honest, I know you missed this (and that can happen to any of us, but if you want to improve the first thing you should do is stop thinking the analysis is wrong. Maybe it is you who is wrong, as in this case (#3 points out that if pawn takes bishop white loses the queen). 

On a more practical note though, if I am ever in a situation like yours, where I don't understand a move (such as 13. Bf4 rather than 13. exd6) then I put the position into a chess engine (I use stockfish) and play exd6 to see why the computer thinks it is wrong. It will only take about 2 seconds to get the answer. 


If you want to improve , don't use "analysis tools", do you own analysis.

That will improve your analytical skill and will greatly help your play plus it will help you spot your deficiencies and fix them.

No analysis tool, no matter how good it is, can do that for you.