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    I am only 12 but i need to improve my game. Here is one of them for u

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    Don't throw away your bishop for one, he could have taken with Qxg4.  You then had a chance for a real piece sac with 4...e6 5.gxh5,Qh4+ 6.Ke2 and he can no longer castle, is horribly weak on the kingside, and his king obstructs his bishop and queen.  Though Bg6 is still okay. 

    6...Bxd3 doubles his pawns and really cramps him. 

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    doduobird123 wrote:

    Remember, this is not suicide chess, this is real chess xD

    lol... my thoughts exactly

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    And somehow, he has a higher bullet rating that I do.

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    nvm, that's because he just played 1 game.

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    I would on basic tactics on Tactics Trainer on chess.com. Also, search opening principles such as development, controlling the center, and castling. Keep playing and asking questions!

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    A couple things to say... Play a bunch of suicide chess so that when you are playing a real match... your like oh that piece is hanging, or oops if I move there I'm going to lose a piece. Another thing is TACTICS... that will improve your game immensely. Lastly... Age does not matter... only skill...

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    actually, I think suicide chess is bad for your chess.  Our chess club vp used to be pretty good, but then he started playing suicide chess almost exclusively.  Then when he finally decided to play a game of "real" chess, he hung just about everything.

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    If you play suicide chess EXCLUSIVELY its not good, but if you do maybe 1-2 games of it once a day (assuming you play everyday) then it should be helpful...

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    Cuttheropegeek you need to learn the opening principles through chess mentor or video lessons. Also, check out these topics on chess: time, space, force, and pawn structure. They are the elements that guide a chess match.

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    I guess it's only natural to ask questions after an game...but really? I believe some people just play "just to play". Nothing can help you improve your ability, except will and commitment to get better. Attitude is everything. What are your expectations? Resources? If being "good" is your modus operandi, accept losses matter-of-factly and move on. Anyone's analysis of such games serve no purpose unless you become experienced enough to say, "yeah, yeah...you're right. I mess up here n here etc...". My advice: just keep playing. Study whenever you can, accumulate applicable knowledge for yourself, my friend. Ultimately, your chess is your chess.

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    Respect to you for putting up a game where you lost so quickly and asking for help.

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    Suicide chess is where you look for where to move your pieces so that you can lose them... so if you play regular chess you will be looking for those spots in your head and then you'll be like... "Oh I can't move there otherwise he'll take" suicide chess also involves reading ahead so for example "If I move here, he'll take here because of this and then I can take that because I don't want this to happen" so then you also get some reading skill...

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    In suicide chess you are FORCED to take a piece if you can, so you try and lose your pieces as quickly as possible making the first capture 95% on move 2. So basically beginners are worse at that type of chess. If you have problems... argue with a 2000 player... They WILL suggest it.

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