I won a game against scholars mate where previously i lost

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ArtNJ wrote:

9. d5 forking two of your pieces; I pointed that same issue out in one of the other games you posted.  Go to chesstempo.com, it is a good place for you to practice tactics.  

As far as responding to to 2. qh5, just play 2. ... nf6.  Its a move you are going to play anyway, and it attacks the queen. 

but 2.nf6 hangs my pawn and checks my king


also how do i avoid the fork on move 9 that white can do


You can answer the check by offering a queen trade. If the trade is refused then you get the pawn back with either your knight or queen (probably the knight because sticking your queen out that far is a good way to get her attacked by everything that moves...). If the trade is accepted then you take with the kingside bishop and now you have a clear line to castle. I'm not entirely sure this is the line that ArtNJ is thinking of but it seems the most clear cut to me.


Regarding the potential fork on 9, don't do Be6 on move 8. If you don't do Be6 then there's no fork there. a6 kicks the knight away, Be7 prepares a discovered attack on the knight, Nf6 clears a path to castle kingside and threatens the pawn on e4. You don't need to chase that queen immediately. You've got other potential moves.


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SouthClaws wrote:

You said that exchanging with 8... exd4 9. Nfxd4 Nxd4 10. Nxd4 is bad but you could have won the e-pawn with 10... Qxe4

nice find thank u

You're welcome.