IHSA State Meet Round 3


Since our team lost the first two rounds, we got paired against a much easier team and ended up sweeping.  My game was finished in 10 moves (I might have been the first one done in the entire room).

My first win, but I was kind of hoping for a better game.  I feel like the only game that was actually a decent game was the last round.  The others were won not because I'm all that great, but because they didn't play well.


Now that, is something you don't see everyday...

Were you the first one done?


I don't know if I was first, but it's possible.


I think our second board beat you out on the finishing first scale on this round though his took twelve moves we were in the back corner by the ropes so i could see everyone it looked like he was the first to stand up though there were a few at the same time