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Im winning a lost game

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    This is a game I played against my smaller brother. It was a rating game and he had taken a mior pice from me early in the game! Even though that I manage to play hard and lead it to a winning endgame. My last move is horrible but then my time is almost out so I cant think that much. But still more that my brother his time was out...

    It ould be nice to hear what my brother and I should have done different. Most my smaller brother, how come he didnt win?

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    Why does it stop after move 17. ... g6?

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    I think it is working now.

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    tonydal wrote:

    That was truly an amazing endgame. Eight passed pawns in one position--holy cow! And you guys had to play that in time trouble?! What a nightmare.

    It would probably take a few computers to unravel all of that for you. But one thing that comes to mind is that 27 Bc3 was probably a better idea for him. As he eventually came to see, the rook on b1 doesn't really offer much support to a b3 break (due to the pin). He really has to think about getting his pieces untangled before he can make the extra one work for him. The g and h passers he eventually gets are not (I think) as strong as they look, due to the fact that his king is in the way over there, his other pieces can't back the pawns up, and your pieces get a lot of play (the e5 square, like you mentioned).

     Thanks for the analasys. Now that youve mentioned it the 27th move isnt to great for white! (I didnt think that it was great befor but then I thought that the Rb1 move was nesserary)

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    29.) Kh2? was very bad for White....29.) Kg2 is stronger, allowing White, which has the lead in material, to battle on the h-file with his rooks if necessary.  Being forced to capture on g5 with White's f-pawn is good for Black in this game, allowing Black's knight to get comfortably posted on e5 and attack light squares.  White was better served with a King on g2 and an open h-file to trade material, as white already has the advantage in material.

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    I also agree with NM tonydal...27.) Bc3 is a stronger response than Rb1, which was played above.

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    Nice game. Even with the blunder (hey you won anyway, so I guess it was a positional sac ;)  What an endgame!

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    He also should have played 22. Kh1 before g4, allowing Rg1 if Rg8 (or even play Rg1 before g4 if he wanted to be extra vigilant).

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    how do u make the board on the computer so u can show the moves?

    someone please reply thank you

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    Well, there is a button called insert position or game, if you try to reply or make an own thread then it is abowe and to the left of the big window where you write. The you click there and choose what you want to show diagram game or puzzle. If you want to make a game click there and then either insert or start with a usual board. I just scipthe next step if I start with a normal board and click inser moves. Then I make the moves and it is pretty obvious what to do.


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