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Losing move?

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    Hi all,

    I analyzed the game below and Chessmaster 9000 tells me that on move 10, Qe2, I lost but that black played equally bad and let me back in the game. Would someone please explain why this was such a bad move?



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    It wasn't.

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    Exactly how "losing"?? If it's just less than -1 then it is nothing. Or maybe you set the program's rating to very low one. To know if it really is losing, just look at the suggested lines by the engine and also look at your line and see why your move is losing by checking the engine's line with your last move.

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    I can't find anything drastically wrong with this move. White is better developed and doesn't have any weaknesses; while Black's Queen is blocking her bishop and has its entire king side undevelop; maybe black could have played NC4 to exchange the knight for the bishop after Be3?! or H5 to jump to B4 with the knight and build pressure on F2?!


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