Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand


This is the most recent battle between the current world number one, and the current world chess champion. Before this match the record between these two players in offical FIDE matches had Anand leading Carlsen 11-7, with 21 draws.


This was a rapid chess game, not at tournament time controls, so it isn't FIDE rated.

Anand has a plus score against Carlsen, but that is mainly because Carlsen broke into the top tier as a young and improving teenager, and lost many of his early encounters with the players who were already over 2700.  Aronian has a huge plus score against him, but Carlsen would be the strong favorite if they were to play a match today.

Carlsen is also the favorite to win the right to challenge Anand next, although Topalov might be a factor, and Kramnik is showing he isn't ready to be put out to pasture yet either.  But Anand isn't so far behind Carlsen in rating, and his results in the last couple of years in tournaments may have been depressed by his preparation for the matches against Kramnik and Topalov. 

What I mean is, when a player has a WC match coming up, he is loathe to play his best novelties in tournaments before the match.  In fact, he may choose lines in many games just to mislead his match opponent - but if he is playing inferior moves it will affect his results and his rating.  So Anand may not be so far behind Carlsen as the raw numbers show - which isn't a huge gap anyway.

Add to this Anand's match experience over the years, and it would be hard to portray the defending Champ as underdog, even against Carlsen.


That's as of now, of course.  Anand is 41 and at or near his peak strength.  Carlsen is 19 and trying to learn the game . . . the kid has a whole lotta upside yet . . .


I am a fan of carlsen, but i wouldn't be suprised if he would loose to a weaker player in WC match because of lack of experience.


twisted yeah ur right, i meant classical games, not FIDE. I wasnt trying to portray anything either way here, just was looking for some good analysis of this one as far as tactics and strategy goes.


carleson is a looser


If Anand plays like the recent WCC against Carlsen, I have no doubt that Anand will lose. The recent WCC is Anand's worst performance ever.


Anand is match tough.  Carlsen has yet to prove himself in match play.


Carlsen has to get there first by winning the Candidates Tournament first, and I am not sure he will...I'm hoping someone else wins so I don't have to keep hearing about Carlsen so much.


Its a sad commentary on the state of US education to see so many americans misuse words like  :  lose/loose , loser/looser and  their/there/they're ...  


it's and its - very common mistake.

Reb wrote:

Its a sad commentary on the state of US education to see so many americans misuse words like  :  lose/loose , loser/looser and  their/there/they're ...  

I blame your generation for that failure, Reb!

I admire Magnus, but I do not want him to get to the World Championship this year much less win it. I want him to stick around and continue to work harder than he has already and push chess to greater heights. I have no doubt he will become World Champion one day but he needs to work for that title longer and give chess fans a lot more exciting and quality chess first. I don't want another Fischer, I'd like another Kasparov, Lasker, or even Capablanca. My fear is if he wins the World Championship this year he could easily become the next Fischer, having accomplished almost all there is in chess at such a young age he could move on to something else entirely with his full life ahead of him still and leave chess behind.

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Forget about V.Anand & Carlsen cause none are upto their skills... I can challange anyone here and BET that I will WIN the game... 15/10 standard.


Lets not talk about English cause We are not English Men... Can you all speak Hindi without mistake even if you learn it for 100 years..


Both are of same standard .DO not forget this.

TwistedLogic wrote:

I am a fan of carlsen, but i wouldn't be suprised if he would loose to a weaker player in WC match because of lack of experience.

Yes, you are right, carlsen has lack of experiece, but still has rating more than of anand.. so if anand beat carlsen in WC, then it means anand is better than carslen.. right?? so, what is point of exp.? lol  .. 


Its between Anand and carlsen... then why you guys coming in between. let them do their work and u do yours... lol... by the way, In WC it will be prove who is all time best chess player. have patience guys.. and when we have the winner, then no need to give excuse about the defeated player.. who will give excuses, then he will be the real loser in life.. :P 


Carlsen will be curtailed by wrath of Anand. Period!