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    "Lives in the Balance"



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    I don't play a lot of 30 min games but i really liked my end game in this one. If anyone has any tips on how i can improve i'd love to hear them.

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    marcussoori wrote:

    Hello, I'm new here, this is my first post.  Thank you for creating what seems to be a great forum.


    Below is my game summary.  I am thirty-something years old, and this is my first game since I was 10...so please go easy on me.  I know almost nothing about formal strategy, but would love to learn.  The game below was played with my cousin, who I believe plays fairly regularly.


    [Site "Chess By Post"]
    [Date "2017.6.30"]
    [White "marcussoori"]
    [Black "msooriarachchi"]
    [FinishedDate "2017.7.0"]
    [Result "1-0"]

    1. e2e4 e7e5 2. d2d3 g7g6 3. c2c3 Bf8g7 4. b2b4 b7b5 5. d3d4 e5xd4 6. Bc1b2 Ng8e7 7. Bf1xb5 O-O 8. c3xd4 d7d5 9. Nb1d2 Bc8b7 10. f2f4 d5xe4 11. Nd2c4 Rf8e8 12. Nc4a5 c7c6 13. Bb5c4 Ne7f5 14. g2g4 Nf5e3 15. Qd1e2 Ne3xc4 16. Na5xc4 c6c5 17. Nc4a5 Bb7d5 18. f4f5 e4e3 19. Ng1f3 c5xd4 20. Bb2xd4 Bg7xd4 21. Ra1d1 Bd4c3+ 22. Ke1f1 Bc3xb4 23. Na5c4 Bd5xf3 24. Qe2xf3 e3e2+ 25. Kf1f2 e2xd1Q 26. Rh1xd1 Qd8h4+ 27. Kf2g2 Nb8a6 28. f5xg6 h7xg6 29. Rd1d7 Re8e7 30. Qf3xa8+ Kg8g7 31. Qa8xa7 Re7e2+ 32. Kg2f3 Re2xa2 33. Rd7xf7+ Kg7g8 34. Rf7g7+ Kg8f8 35. Qa7f7# 1-0


    Thank you in advance for your analysis.


    Here's a diagram.

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    Where did it go wrong for me? (I played white)

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    The original post was 7 years ago. Is this still happening? I'm guessing not.

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    Galaxybro wrote:

    Where did it go wrong for me? (I played white)

    Did you look at 9.Nxe5, with the idea of Qxh5.

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    An incredibly complicated game where I managed to win thanks to a slight misstep by my opponent and my significant time advantage throughout the late middlegame and endgame. Still, I think I allowed my opponent too much counterplay and probably missed a way to simplify to an easy winning position earlier.


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    Here is one of my best longest game ( 53 moves)  I have played in a 10 minutes match, where my opponent starts with english opening , and at the end it was a fun endgame with rook and pawns involved, where I won by resignation.

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    This is the recent interesting game I played (with black pieces) in a 10 minutes match wherein I played ..Bd7, ..Ng4 move , creating threat to Rook on a1 , which my opponent couldn't read and I won by resignation.

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    Recent 10 min blitz...

    Had a little king run ....tactics to win back my material



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