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Morphy had some stones

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    Impressed by this Morphy game. He had real nerve. Castling his king into danger. And going on the attack with only half his army developed (something Chernev and Silman said/say don't do). He does bring his other pieces into the attack fairly quickly after that, though. (According to the author of the book I'm working through (Del Rosario: A First Book of Morphy), "Morphy had the habit of completing his development on one side of the board before starting on the other, which often resulted in easier coordination of those pieces.")

    BTW, this was a simultaneous exhibition game that Morphy was playing blindfolded!


    From what I've seen of Morphy so far, Morphy has foreshadowed what Cecil Purdy later said with his two most important instructive principles (according to the author):

    1) Use inactive force (i.e. bring idle pieces into the attack)

    2) Examine moves that smite (which is also btw precisely what Chernev/Reinfeld said in Winning Chess)

    According to Del Rosario, "The secret to winning chess games is to make a double threat." And that is apparently something that Morphy did so well.

    A very interesting book, I hope to learn much from it.

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    Cheers Urk. (Btw, somehow I knew you'd be the first to comment wink.png)

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    Bg6+ Kf8 ; Qf4+ Nf6 ; Qxf6
    Just to show PM also did his thing with closed positions.

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    You are trying too hard to improve, chess skill needs to be acquired naturally. I acquired mine via osmosis.

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    I have often wondered about lessons.
    With the guitar it is obvious, you can record the thing and essentially you are trying to do *exactly* the same thing each time you play the song. You might by mistake change a chord early or late or forget a line. 
    Chess on the other hand is not like that every game is different.
    I realise the themes occur again and again.

    The nearest I have got to a Grandmaster was Raymond Keene, my opponent had dropped a piece inside ten in the Bank Cup Final, resigned and left - even though there was a meal with the event that Ray was "hosting".
    So Ray played some skittles games with me and trashed me every single time.
    I made up rules for one game, Ray had to capture my queen to win.
    Of course he did this.
    I asked how do you do this [chess in general] - He replied I am a GM. 

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    Thanks, guys. I'll probably be posting some more interesting Morphy games as I work through the book.

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    Morphy is one of my favorite attackers in chess, this is a shining example

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    Great game. First time I've seen Morphy with an ELO rating.

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    morphy and tal are the most brilliant player ever. this is a masterpiece thumbup.png

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    Here's another great Morphy game. Love the way he almost casually opens up White's king for mating.



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    You also have to love that 6.d3

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    Morphy's games are incredible and brilliant, I love playing through them there is a lot lessons to learn from his games. 



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    Wow, what a funny mate!

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    urk wrote:
    Morphy probably had the idea that he could out calculate his opponents in complications FTW.

    And yes, it takes guts to play this game properly.

    ....ForThWith ?....for the wecord ?

    ....and BTW, Lawrence rhymes w/ orange. You just hafta say it with a lisp.

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    Entertaining and instructive game with some fascinating alternative lines.


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    The_Ghostess_Lola wrote:

    ....ForThWith ?....for the wecord ?

    For the Win.

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    a fantastic example of how morphy was outplayed with a terrible onepning

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    Barnes played excellent endgame. Those who say Morphy played patzers are wrong.

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    You also must look at Morphy's games through "romantic" glasses. 'Twas the style... 

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