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My 1st game

  • #1

    can anyone please tell me next steps for improvement. I feel like I can get some puzzles solved but I still play horribly. Been out of comission for 4 years or so, probably was a 1400 player before. I'm white btw

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    You actually played good moves, i think the opponent was the hard one. You blunder at points but got back up again, i think even though you lost your gameplay was excellent! ;)

  • #3

    I closely followed your moves. they were really good. but what i did not understand was 24.Re2, I mean , the Rd1 mate from black was evident. instead wouldnt f3 have been a better move?
    Its just that after seeing such nice play from you, i actualy felt sad u did Re2. :( but great game mate.. :)

  • #4

    Thanks everybody, with a little bit of practice, I'm sure I could get back to 1400-1500.

  • #5

    Yeah nice in the end you would have won if you played Re1 in the end, but good game. Could you use some coaching?


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