My alekhines defence game

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    i couldnt figure out how to annotate sorry guys but ill give it a go here


    opening is alekhines defence marcosy variation

    move 1 to 6 im tryin to develop my pieces and by this point have a decent presence in the centre. 6...a6 was preparing for a push to b5 also preventing the knight comin to the same square

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    whits it seemed wasnt prepared to open up for an attack so i continue expanding my goal to allow myself eitherside castling as to undermine an eventual attack after white starts a kingside storm and decides to attack my kingside i castle queenside.  at this point i feel his army can only really attack with one piece (his knight).  after a minor exchange im feeling quite confident and by move 18 have a lovely knight looking after my queenside, rooks redy to line up, and all exchanges seem to be on my terms for now.

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    i decide to sacrifice my knight to open up whites position further however he declines and his coming attacks while at first looked sure there was a forced mate on it was readily thwarted.  by removing whites dark squared bishop im happy simplifying and getting to an endgame

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    as far as the end game goes i end up down a pawn and cant really see still where it all went wrong in the exchange.  someone will have to tell me if its winning for white from there or not but i managed to get a blunder out of white giving me a queen and shortly after a resignation.  

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    ultimately i feel from my position at move 16 i should have won a little more convincingly. Id like to know where it went wrong also if white should have won the endgame or forced a draw ect.  this has to be the most complicated position ive ever played from and found my options overwhelming at times and most likely blundered my way through. 

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