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My draw against an IM

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    Here is game which I played in an ICC simul yesterday with IM John Schroer. Comments on game would be appriciated.

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    Why did you agree to a draw? You had a winning advantage in that position, due to white's useless bishop and your active pieces.

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    Seriously... you reached that position against a master then agreed to a draw?!?!

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    Sadly, that guy wasn't an IM and he did not play like one either

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    Ummm... Black has a winning position.

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    After 20.Qf3 and a future Rfb1, Black will face some serious problems.

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    According to shredder, white is winning by 0.28 points.

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    MyNames wrote:

    Sadly, that guy wasn't an IM and he did not play like one either

    It was an internet simul; Like anyone else, IMs play weaker when they can't give full concentration/ are distracted.

    The position is even but so unbalanced it doesn't seem drawish to me... I think the better player wins from there.

    I think you played a really interesting game with that sac. You sort of sold out taking a draw there though IMO. I know it's a GREAT result for you (congrats) but you had a chance to have an exciting game that you'd learn a lot from playing. You'd probably lose because the IM's got a lot of technique to call on as the game gets end-gamy, but so what!

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    hah u shoulda keep going

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    that wasn't an IM you were playing. He didn't play like one.

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    I find exhibitions only lower your rating 100, 200 elo 0.o

    That was bizarrely bad.

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    For a while there I thought that the IM was playing black...

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