my first win


here is my first win played on another site (the first game was a loss, but because I had to go somewhere)

anyway here it is


did I miss any tactics or anything.


8.a3 with 9.b4 and 10.Na4 is a somewhat slower version of simply 8.Na4

10.a6 was silly, now you can screw up his pawns / good minor piece trade.

11.c4 misses the chance, now black can play 11...Ba7

After 11...Nd4 you're better.

There are some trades, you push his knight with e5, and now 17.0-0 is a principled move while 17.Bxb7 is a bit greedy, but I guess his position is so poor you can get away with pawn grabs on move 17 without castling lol.

In your variation, 19...fxe6 is an example of how you need to be careful, as after 21...Qe5+ and now you can't go to a light square because he can clear the d file with check, but Kd2 runs into Rf2+ and you're almost mated anyway :p

Instead he gives you some more material and resigns.

The two main lessons are (IMO), after 11...Ba7 black may be a bit cramped, but he's solid... I actually like his pieces a bit better :p  Your knight on f3 is probably your best placed piece at the moment.

And 2, it's dangerous to start opening up things before you've castled.  In blitz I'd castle on move 14 or 15 on principal alone.  And although it turned out to be OK in this game, it's not always so easy to see the danger (as in the variation where suddenly white is subject to a very strong attack).  19.e6 is a very gutsy move!


thanks waffle.


I only spent like 20 seconds on the move. just felt right.

jetfighter13 wrote:

did I miss any tactics or anything.

Nice game Jet was it a 5/0 that is all they play over there, anyway me likes 19.e6 ! fits in with the do or die King's Gambit mentality ! Cool   


wow the mods are good. lol, sorry forgot to edit the pgn.

here is a really good one by me atleast


no it was a 15 min game


8...f5? is of course very bad. Black is just fine after something like 8...Nd7.

10.Bc4+ Kh8 11.Ng5 (or simply 11.h4) is brutal, but very effective.

11.Qe6+ is quite pointless. Simply 11.Qxd3 or 11.Rxd3 is better for white- 11...e5? drops a pawn for nothing.

12...Nc6 is much better than the move played.

13.h4! and Black is in trouble.

14.Ng5! is winning.

18.Rdd1? is much worse than 18.Rde3, which is winning easily. Black cpould play 18...Nd7, when he is probably lost, but not THAT easily.


good points pfren, I need to check my calculations more after the game, the stuff I commented on was what I was looking at in game, I missevaluated e5 for sure.


here is another one, this time I find a move that wins me a vastly superior position right out of the opening. funny thing is that it also aided me in my plan to get a knight on d5.


here is a funny win


so I log into the othersite and accidentally click a seek for 200 of their currency. now I didn't mean to, I just played because aborting would be rude. anyway here is the game with my annotations.


what website


lol chessmaster


this game isn't a win. but I am pretty proud of how I was able to get a good position.


here is another win.


here is a game i just played. and an interesting story to go with it

so my opponent and I played a game before this one where he ripped me apart in a King's knights gambit. 4. Bc4 Bg7 variation. (actually I felt more comfortable than my position showed I was.) so this is the return game which I nearly had to draw. that is until my opponent forgot where his pieces were!(I will point that out when the move's get there.) this was not won by my play (well maybe the cool fork idea) but by my opponent's possible drunkenness.

I just thought that going from 1750 level play on that sight to making 900 level moves is just funny maybe it was late there or there was alcohol involved either way it was hysterical on my end. hope this gives you a laugh all its really meant for.


lol, my first game was a draw


2...Bc5 isn't odd. 

It's not as popular as it used to be, but it's perfectly sound.