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Need Help Seeing Who's In The Winning Position...

  • #21

    I wouldn't be so quick to accept the draw, though it's ...probably drawn.

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    But I think white has a slight advantage T.T

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    If you can not see your strong points and opponent's weak points, and you can see yourself as in worse possition in the middle of the game in live tournament, then you should take draw. What you have done. Good.


    I would try to win in this possition, but you know, i can see plan to attack without much risk. That's the difference between us. Your job is to ascend up to see, what i can see (i'm good at endgames). Study endgame.

  • #24

    I thought I was good at endgames and bad at openings...Apparently not. ._.

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    @uterafson - I played 7..Rg5 because I was having a hard time winning the race between white's g pawn and black's a pawn.  But with correct play (Rb5 could probably be played also) black has good winning chances here.  But now our analysis is all messed up because black moves first!  No matter - good luck to everyone!

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    Well...This was a real life tournament and I had 8 minutes left on the clock...I was to nervous to think Laughing well not really but I wouldeve taked way to long to look into it that much.

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    Trapper, you are right.  What we proved here was that the postion is unclear.  Nothing wrong with a draw, IMO.


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