Petrov Game - How to create an advantage?


Had a game in the Petrov, where I had a slight advantage but couldn't really convert it into anything much and let it slip away.

The computer labels 8. f4 as a mistake (does weaken the kingside but I think the king is safe enough), but the games I looked at where white simply develops the pawn is lost. I thought this move would aim to hold the pawn without tying pieces down to its defence.

Is trying to keep the pawn too much of a hinderance, I should just try for a positional advantage?

Computer analysis:


The real problem with 8.f4 is the move 8...Bg4! which gives Black a good game.

8.Bb5 Qb4+ seems nonsensical to me: isn't white just a pawn up for nothing after 9.Qxb4 Bxb4+ 10.c3?
A better try is unpinning the c6 knight first by 8...Bd7 9.Nc3 Qb4 (now this makes much more sense 10.Qf4! (resembles computer play, but it's actually a very strong move) when IMO white is better.

There was an article about the Yaroslavtsev variation (3...Nxe4) in an issue of "Secrets of Opening Surprises"- can't recall which issue right now.


Thanks pfren, yeah I certainly wasn't worried about Qb4 after 8. Bb5.

Is 8. Bb5 the move you would suggest too then? What is the idea of 10. Qf4 (attacking the f7 pawn?) and is there a specific plan to aim for?

Felt like I was creating a lot of problems for myself holding onto the e pawn, so just better to give it up?

(Oh, and apparently it's volume 10 - just found an old post by yourself).


Wow! That is so much information. +1


10.Qf4 is aimed precisely at holding to the extra pawn while giving Black the least counterplay.

If you feel giving back the pawn, then 8.Nc3 Qxe5 9.Qxe5 Nxe5 10.Bf4 is a good choice.I feel that Black should hold this slightly annoying ending, but his task isn't very easy.


Bxa7+ was key to obtaining the win