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Petrov gone wrong

  • #1

    In this game I tried to play Petrov, which I like and thought I knew... but I didn't know what to play to 3.d4 Suggestions?

  • #2
    You should simply play 3....Nxe4. If you play petroff as black you should know how to play against 3d4 as its played quite a lot by white. Its called the steinitz variation of the petroff I believe.
  • #3
    Nxd4 on move three for white is correct.
  • #4
    Uhhh.....on move 3 for white?  3Nxd4 isnt even a legal move. Put the pipe down and back away slowly. Smile
  • #5
    Nx e-4 freeeeek pipe down.
  • #6
    3Nxe4 is also an illegal move ........try again
  • #7
    3 nxe-5 //    3. Nxe-5. sorry.
  • #8
    The one posting the game is asking how to respond to whites 3d4 which is also a popular choice against petrov.
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    I knew three variations: 3.Nc3, 3.Bc4 and 3.Ne4... but I didn't know 3.d4... I guess you should know them all before playing a defense... and it may be popular, but I don't remember seeing it... after I posted the game here I researched it: 3.d4 and black can take either pawn... it is the Steinitz variation all right; usually it goes: 3... exd4 4.e5 5.Ne4 Qd4 d5 6.exd6 Nxd6 7.Nc3 Nc6 8.Qf4 and both sides are OK if following the basic principles... but this is what happens when you think you know the theory! By the way... wikipedia can help a bit!


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