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Please analyse my game

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    This is my game from 3rd round of Croatian 3rd League.

    Where did I went wrong?

    Is ...h6 lost tempo and own weakness?

    Was possible sacrifice bishop for 3 pawns?

    Did I have defense afther opponent's sacrifice on h6?

    Was ...f5 mistake?

    Thank you in advance

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    were you white or black?

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    in both?

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    yes.its same game

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    15...Nh5 idea is sacrifice on g3 ( Bxg3) that was idea

    what was the best continuation afther 18.Nxg4  since ...h6 looks like my hugh weakness and its hard to find active game afther 18.Nxg4  

    I can try something like ...Rfc8 with idea of ...Nb4 and freeing nice square for bishop (f8) positional understanding demand that move...but question is did I have enough time for all that?    Really ...h6 is hugh weakness and looks like not possible to solve


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