Please help me understand


Help me understand why in the review, Qh3 is better than Qh4 lol.  They both do the same thing so I'm wondering what I'm missing.

Game is here:


Perhaps keepin the queen on a dark square grants future acces to f6. Though qf3 seems more natural since it protects the pawn and cannot be attacked by the knight.


So I went over the game with a friend, and there is a deep tactic with Nxd4 after h5 and g4, and the queen needed to keep an eye on e6. Not something I would have even considered at 3am lol

With queen on h3 after h5 would be possible knight sacrifice on e6, which engine likes.

Qh4 is only equal.

Qh3 gives you an advantage, as after 19…… h5

20 Nxe6 fxe6

21 Rxe6 Qc7

22 Bg5 and white can follow up by doubling rooks on the e- file

and blowing the opponent away


instead of Qc7, black can take on h2,

eventually getting the pawn on f2.

white gets a positional advantage there.


Thanks everyone!

The explanation from the chess com robots was.....less than informative LOL


Qh3 allows the knight sac on f7, qh4 doesn't

Vonbishoffen wrote:

Qh3 allows the knight sac on f7, qh4 doesn't

The move is 19. Nxe6, not on f7


Qh3 is positionally stronger than Qh4 as it results in 3 pieces (Queen, Rook & Knight) attacking e6 which is defended by 1 piece (Queen) and a pawn. You will have to decide how to tactically take advantage of the position. meh