Read This Before You Post


Welcome to the Game Analysis forum


The purpose of this forum is improvement at chess!  We can all improve at chess when we share meaningful questions and examples from our past losses, draws, and a few of our wins.  In order to get the most out of posting your game at the analysis forum, follow these guidelines:


1.  Annotate your game yourself before you post!  By annotate we mean the addition of your thoughts, commentary, and possible variations.  In order to receive accurate feedback, we must know what you were thinking as you played the game, and what you think of it now.  It often happens that a right move was made for the wrong reason: knowing your thought process is the only way to bring this to light!


2.  Post a lot games that you lost, a few that were draws, and on occasion those that you won.  While it is more fun to gloat over our wins than suffer under our losses, we learn the most when we review our losses.  If you really want to post a game where you crushed your opponent, consider the game showcase forum.


3.  Don't look at a chess engine for analysis until after you have analyzed the game with others at; the same goes for those reviewing.  If you are adding analysis found with the aid of a chess engine, make it known.


4.  In addition to your thoughts, commentary, and possible variations, here are some of the most common symbols for annotating a chess game:


!!    An extremely strong move, often game winning.

!     A great move

!?    A speculative move, possibly strong but more analysis is needed.

?!    A dubious move, prossibly weak but more analysis is needed. 

?     A bad move

??    A blunder, equivalent to hanging a piece.

+-   White is winning.

+/- White has a significant edge.

+/= White has a small edge.

=     Equality.

=/+  Black has a small edge.

-/+  Black has a significant edge.

-+    Black is winning.


5.  Never post a game or a position from a game that is ongoing.  Asking for help with ongoing games is unsportsmanlike and unethical.  Need we say more?

I'll keep this in mind when I share my next game. Well said.
excellent guidelines!
Thanks for this guidelines. You are rigth in all your suggestions.
thanks. i'll take note.
Great information. I would have posted something that was completely wrong. I have made a copy of the guidelines and will use them when I post my first opening problem! Thank you again.

Hi, i am some confused.

I played and play with a few peoples, just for fun. And this people, are friends of my, personally and on live.  Sometimes, I win, many others no. But, some time my friends, until they lose from me, they correct my moves, and i see that really i have done a wrong move. Can I publish a game that until I have won, I think that i could do better, just by bettering my moves. Without anybody thinks that I am joking my opponent?

Always, when I ask something about chess, I try to get into an specific move secuence, that I could or not to do, and WHY? Of course, a logical and rational explanation of this "Why" is that I ever will look for of you "Answerers", not a joke to my opponent, that in almost all of cases, are my friends, and many of this cases, I try to teach them to play, and I try to learn from them. One of this students (15 years old), has bit me (29 years old), almost one. That's good for me, he is learning, but please, do not think about my questions like if I am joking my opponent only because i won a game. Remember, I want to learn too, and this could be done on both sides of the battle, the winner or the loser one.

This is my sincerelly felling about asking.

Please take this on mind, before offer me a kick.



You can publish a game or partial game in any format you want, with or without notes, won, lose, or draw.  If you have questions on a position, ask it.  Add your notes or your opponent's notes if you wish.  If you pose a question, we will look at it and try to answer or analyze or annotate your game or position when he get the time to look over it.  The guidelines are just to help us a little better in figuring out what you want - to just show us a game or to ask a question about the game.

Dalsom, go ahead and post a game here, even if you won.  So long as you are looking for critical analysis, this is the place.

The reason why the guidelines discourage posting won games is because many people were posting games here just to brag, not to learn.Tongue out

Interesting. will keep in mind amorphous

Can we go for the constructive criticism??  Obviously we're not all grandmasters, and I'm don't see a chess position and the possiblities that emerge from it the same as Bill Wall.  I know some people play moves which aren't logical, but I think it's important for everyone to remember this is about helping people out.  Telling someone their move "sucked" doesn't help anyone, but providing possible other moves and lines from a position does. 

I'll remember this.     

please help me solve this tricky little poser. really, i want mate in three but will settle for four moves. i am playing white. thank you

that dalsom seems like a nice bloke but what is he on about? maybe i should start a new thread.
what is a chess engine?
markwahlberg wrote: what is a chess engine?

 a chess engine is a computer program that tries to calculate the best chess moves. see


I see three queens and seven pawns....

Where did the extra queen come from? France?

HymnofAshes wrote:

I see three queens and seven pawns....

Where did the extra queen come from? France?

And how there can be 3 checks in one time? TonyGas, this position is unreal.

   looks like you have been snjfing gas...tony
TonyGas, I recommend Kg1. Though not a strong move, I believe most masters would agree that it is the best legal move in this situation. Now the tricky part will be advancing your pawn to the 8th rank in only 3 moves, but judging by your current position, this is very doable. Thankfully, the imminent threat of your promotion will give you a strong psychological edge in the endgame (an often underrated factor in impossible situations like this). Hope this helps.