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Round 5 Akron Chess Championship

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    I had notes written, but my internet connection went down and i lost it all

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    My gosh I hate when that happens.  For me, I just saw an "alert" that said you posted something.  I looked and looked but could not find the post or article or blog or whatever it was.  I had to look you up on my friends list and then go to your page and voila...for your post!  


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    I am confused. Did you lose this game?

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    Oh yeah, sorry!  after Bf5+ my opponent played Rf7a+...which is illegal, since he is in check.  I quickly resigned because i was going to lose  a piece.  I should have stopped the clock and talked to the TD about his illegal move.  He had a winning move here.  move the K to g3 attacking the R and after i move, play Rf7+

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    Do not resign too easily.

    Like the man said, go not softly, into that night.

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    I think the most important lesson i finally learned is that its bettter not to resign than to resign early.

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    Gotta be a fighter, in chess.

    When I sit down at the board, I assume I am goig to win. I deserve it. Only my mistakes can prevent what I am owed.

    Even if it is Magnus Carlsen sitting across from me. I don't care. I know it to my bones.


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