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Shortest checkmated game with pawn promotion

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    I recently finished a games and surprisingly checkmated my opponent with pawn promotion all in only 6 moves!!!

    I must add in the reverse game, my opponent is in winning position



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    I couldn't analyze the game as the game must be atleast 8 moves for the analysis Frown

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    You also only had to move one piece that game.

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    wow, if 1600+ can make that kind of mistake there is still hope for me..Laughing

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    To best of my knowledge, my analysis is



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    lol...well, I guess it can't happen too much faster than that. Smile

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    We have a winner!!!

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    Surprised dang i couldn't do that if my life depended on it Laughing

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    musta been a 1-minute speed game ... black's play wasn't 1600 level

                                                                                      - Bill

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    willmorrisusa wrote:

    musta been a 1-minute speed game ... black's play wasn't 1600 level

                                                                                      - Bill

    Think again:




    Three days per move.

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    3 days per move?? wow! at 1400, i certainly wouldn't miss that especially with the help of analysis board..Laughing

    and just after reading the first 30 pages of my system, 3... Bd7 seems to gain a tempo.. at least according to what i understand on nimzo's explanation..:b)

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    We have a winner!!!

    do i get the horse trophy Tongue out

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    I do want to mention, in the reverse game my opponent is in winning position. Don't underestimate his capability. It is just one of the days...

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    hahaha, that pawn went on an epic journey...

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    i see white was using a bongcloud varient...

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    surprise mate

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