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Simul Game Against GM Dejan Bojkov

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    Here's my game against GM Dejan Bojkov today. Time was 7 minutes plus 15 seconds increment. In the end, I was down to less than a minute, scrambling. He said I played a very good game and thanked me for it.

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    Better than what I would have done against a grandmasterSmile

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    You kept the pressure for very long time, and this is always very good :) Keep up the good games!

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    Thank you!

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    Great - When I play simuls I get black Cry. And then I lose lost endings. Or blunder from a good position. ETC.

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    Wow! I am posting on a 21-month-old forum page.

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    May I ask why sir?

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    No, because I like chess games in which amateurs play chess against titled chess players such as Grandmasters.

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    oh ok


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