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So pawns do matter

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    This is another one of my games in which i have won due to the advantage of one or two pawns

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    Well mijfil, you played well, but 2..f6 was a blunder. This is one of the oldest tricks in the books. You play Nxp pxp Qa5+ and go from there. Black is certainly doomed after 2..fg

    Just for future reference. Cool

  • #3

    Fil! You missed the Damiano's defence trap, after all the times I told you to look out for it! I might as well disown you right now Frown, but nice work anyway

  • #4

    That game should have been drawn if black simply captured the last pawn with his bishop

  • #5

    Agreed.   I was going to say that you didn't win with the advantage of one pawn, but by bad endgame defenses.


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