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Struggled in this game - any ideas?

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    Had a loss today in a 15 minute Hyper-Accelerated Dragon game (I was Black). He went into a slightly inferior line where I thought I got equality but then I messed up somewhere and he won a pawn. I think I was outplayed during this entire game to be honest. Can anyone see any better tries for me at some stage?

    Definitely have to be some improvements on my insipid, uninspired play here Cry

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    My first pick would have been 15... Ba6 or Be6.

    I think that f5 move is gruesome tho.

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    I do not know enough about this line to give better informed comments than you have made yourself but let me just say Thanks, breath of fresh air for listing your loss and not just another win like so many people post.

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    You overestimated the d file which was actually pretty meaningless.

    Instead of trying to activate your rook you should have activated your king. 18..gxf5 19.Ke2 Be5 20.f4 Bd6 21.Rb1 Kf7 with an inferior but defendable position.

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    Thanks everyone for your very insightful and helpful posts! I think I definitely have more of an idea about where I went wrong here now. Hopefully this line will come up again sometime and I will improve on this.

    One further comment from me: after White's 10th move, I stated that 10.exd5 was a better idea for him - I checked this over quickly with chesstempo database, and it seems to contradict my beliefs, giving more games played with 10.Bxd5 (as played here) and with a far better record for White. In fact in the exd5 line which I thought was White's try for an advantage it appears that Black actually scores better than White. So, draw your own conclusions I guess -  just in case anyone was interested.

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    I think black didn't get any advantage during any part of the game .. 


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