Stupid loss, good experience


A recent game at FICS server..

analysis would be helpful , although I have already analysed a bit


Oh, Bad luck.


Well, what can you say other than work on your time management and tactical vision so that you can spot those finishing moves when they're there, and just play a little faster, a little more accurately.

I learned that when it looks like there might be a queen trap -- look for the queen trap! I would have missed those traps OTB. In cc with an analysis board maybe. But they're right there if you know to look.

Strategically, I thought the most interesting part of the game was between moves 11 and 17, and I honestly thought you both screwed up! I thought it was pretty clear that you both wanted the action on the kingside and with the Queen penetration and you losing your f pawn, the game was getting out of hand and you were on the way to losing.  If he could get safely castled Queenside or otherwise eliminate your counterplay on the Kingside he was looking good. You wanted to discourage him from castling 0-0-0. Not easy to do IMO, but worth trying. So, you played d4? Is there something to that move I'm missing or was it just an outright blunder? I think it's a blunder. (I wonder if an engine agrees...) It threw away a pawn and badly weakened another... for what?  Why were you opening up the center? But he soon after decides to castle kingside? Another blunder, strategically, IMO. Why castle into the only counterplay you have? 0-0 directly led to real tactical chances for you. He should have taken the game, rather safely, to a favorable ending IMO. 

Instead after the kingside castle he just goes from bad to bad to bad, and although you missed the kill, I thought you played quite well. The clock is a part of the game (unless you play cc! which is my way out Wink)

Here's a short bit of analysis in a critical area where I think Black missed a simple winning line... (It's one short line without variations -- I deliberately haven't used an engine, so my analysis may have blunders or dubious moves -- I just think it is more fun, at least at first, to discuss positions without consulting the engine-oracle)




the higher the difference in rating ,

the more stylish the game becomes,

maybe he wanted to beat me in style