The Queen Trap


My queen seems to be trapped.  I don't see a way of saving her - anyone here can see something I'm completely missing?



is this a current game? If so, we can't help


I've just resigned it so we can get an analysis on it.

JCRchess were correct for resigning in that position.


sorry, there is nothing that you could have done, try looking closely at your moves next time.


Technically it could have been saved, take his pawn with your rook giving him a check and just hope he regains with his bishop. The Queen has an exit after that but a rook for a pawn is rarely an advantageous sacrifice.


13. Bc4 Qxc4

14. Ne5

Threatens checkmate on f7 if they try to move queen away. I know with perfect play they wont take the hanging bishop but it would be tempting.


Nacho, I like you idea, it was refreshing, however...

14. Ne5  Qc2 - check mate!

Mad_dog_96, I could gamble with that move, but I doubt he will move his bishop. I have to give him credit, as throughout the game, his moves were more than reasonable.  He would more likely do pawnf x e6 .. so it'll go like this:

13. Re6  Fxe6

Queen is still threaten