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The world hardest puzzle

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    anymore comments?

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    chesswiz625 wrote:
    Shibek wrote:

    The queens can only move DIAGONALLY and ONE square at a time.

    This is the hardest puzzle!!

    Just move Qg7!<-----ANSWER:D

    If I look at your first rule, it says the queens can only move DIAGONALLY. The queen move you just made is illegal based on your rules. Additionally, there is absolutely no way of forcing black into that position. 

    If you turn the board around it's diagonal!

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    ... you dont know the rules of the puzzle

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    help! i cannot see the board above F5 does not work HELP!

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    so answer????

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    i think i put the peces in the wrong place?!

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    How does Ka2 help? Couldn't black then just play Kc4 and from there white has to either take queen or defend his own queen. Taking means they both lose queens which is stalemate and defending queen is also getting nowhere.

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    i think not

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    omg three years later...

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    It depends, if it's decided by who loses their pieces first, then Ka2 would be sufficient.

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    Checkmate = impossible

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