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There had to have been a mate somewhere...

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    zborg wrote:  @TheMiceEater was focused on "the hole in the doughnut," instead of just winning the game, safely.


    If you have to choose between maybe mate in x and an easy major advantage, it's often best to keep it simple. Mate (or resignation) will follow anyway.

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    Always play with (at least) a 5 second bonus.

    You will rarely run out of time, unless the Queen's are still on the board, or you haven't gotten out of the middlegame.

    Endgame knowledge can be implemented rather quickly, in most cases.  That's all @MiceyMan needed to do.  Smile

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    Bicarbonatofsoda wrote:

    though the mate is always handy when your flag is ready to drop

    Of course, although a major material and positional advantage usually makes it possible to move almost instantly. And in this case they had 7 days per move...

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    Geez, you some of you guys are getting really upset about this... -OP

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    Nah, some of us simply won't suffer fools gladly.

    It's just a character flaw, that we need to work on.  Smile 

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    It's ok. I don't need to prove myself to anyone. I just wanted to find that mate.


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