Was Albert Einstein a very good Chess player?

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    Although there are not many noted games of Dr. Einstein...it is widely know that he frequently played with his close friend Dr. Eamanuel Lasker...and even wrote the forword to his biography...

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    Looks like Einstein was a big fan of discovered attacks and checks. He had what? 4 of them set up in that? Knowing what they are and knowing how to set them up are, for me personally, two completely different things.

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    He did spend lots of time with Lasker, and he could not forgive him (lasker) for using his brilliant mind mostly for chess. Then again, how many great minds did not play chess as they choose other field to use their genius! And how many did choose chess over medicine, engineering... 

    You can look that from both sides. How many great chess players we did not see, maybe some much stronger than Fischer and Kasparov... And how much did science lose cuz of chess?

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    True that Strept lol

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    Einstein had this to say about chess "Chess grips its exponent, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom and independence of even the strongest character cannot remain unaffected." It seems he thought you could be a serious chess player or something else, but not both. There is probably a great deal of truth in this.

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    Einstein was okay, but Oppenheimer sure played bad.

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    Einstien was rated approximately 1400. :)

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    But the game above looks to be perhaps 'Expert' level? (2000-2199)

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    It is important to remember that the game was played, and Einstein lived, before the Elo rating system was developed. Arpad Elo's rating system was adopted by the USCF in 1960, five years after Einstein died and 27 years after that game was supposedly played. So what was Einstein's rating? He didn't have one!

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    Einstein should have spent less time playing chess, and more time trying to figure out why relativity breaks down inside of black holes.

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    Black holes weren't invented until after relativity, by which time Einstein was far too busy trying to prove quantum mechanics was wrong.

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    I think one has to be at least a little obsessive to be a good at something like chess. I spend far too little time playing to ever get really good, but that means I get to do other things as well.

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    i read some were that he didnt play chess because it was awast of time

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    Here is my article on Einstein and chess.


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    Thanks for sharing this article...

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    I'd say Einstein is about 1500. Robert Oppenheimer made it pretty easy for him though.

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    He was spending his free time with Lasker but I don't think he had any time to learn chess teory or to play regulary, or even to put on paper his games like this one. So, is this game really his...?

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    Einstein looks at least 2000 strength in that game, possibly stronger. I don't know why some of you guys are estimating 1400/1500 (show me the patzer moves he made.) He executed his attack with strong and fluid precision.

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    Albert Einstein a chess player?? Who knew?

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    yeah was he really a chess player

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