We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    this is a 3 minutes blitz game i played recently
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    In many games I see or play a player with initiative actualy taking action to achieve his goals instead of reacticting to such. These Chess players often recieve superior positions to rule the board with.  In positions where you can challenge that initiative it is one's soul duty to say "If I can't have it, neither can you."
    In this game I am able to hold and eventualy win a game against an average 1400 rated player by challenging his control of key squares and looking for well coordinated positions I could achieve with the Black pieces.
    Game 1 - Theme: Initiative
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    It is my belief that the materialy handicaped side is not doomed to be equal or weak to the materialy superior side. In this game White can achieve a superior position despite being a pawn down due to the coordination and active pieces combined with gaining control of key squares.
    Theme:  Positional Compensation
    Note: My rating is sub-1000 due to a time loss on 100+ Games as I do not have A premium account to protect form that.  Refer to previous games for actual rating.  Also I may start posting using my Alt account Wolf_Rayet since I can not join tournaments.
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    An idea robbing the Sicilian of its standard tactical lines in the early game.
    This is an extreamly detaied and thouroughly analyzed game so skim or read thoroughly as you please. I believe this game has some educational value to it so I'm going to share all my thoughts.
    This game starts out with a battle on both color squares but becomes centrally focused on Dark square control in which Both sides become very focused on winning those critical outposts and attack points.  I have to contribute this the two terrible LSBs on the board with no truly active squares therefore acting as support pieces.
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    panafricain wrote:


    A bullet game I played against a stronger opponent. The game is worth for the final combination

    20.Qb3 is much better than Qa4

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    Essential Endgame Technique:

    I believe that endgame technique is one of the defining characteristics in each skill braket within chess, being able to use advantages considered minor at lower levels of play such as a pawn or 2 in material and cleverly using domination and common tactics such as triangualtion and zugzwang to out play your opponent is the essential key to acending above the 1400 rating "barrier" that I struggled with for months.

    Game 1(Using the 1 pawn advantage in a K+5 vs K+4):  Wolf_Rayet vs Bigdukesix 1-0

    Game 2(Playing for a draw may win you the game): Wolf_Rayet vs. TimBitHauler 1-0

    [Includes Draw technique with K+N+P vs. K+R]

    [Includes Winning Technique for K+Q vs. K+R]

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    My last game

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    This game is interesting

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    George1st wrote: Not bad, eh?

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    At this game I manage to do a mat over the board

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    I won it, but I'm sure I could do much better. Check my thinking.

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    5... Bxc3 looks like a bit of an inaccuracy as the bishop has not been provoked to take the knight. Having doubled pawns on c2 and c3 is usually not a major problem for white. Some alternatives include ... Nf6 and ... e6 where black simply develops.


    7... Nxe4 runs into Qd5, which double attacks the f7 pawn and the e4 knight. If the knight retreats to g5, then white can play Bxg5 with a checkmate threat and attack on the queen (removing the defender). Black can simply play Nd6 though and defend the pawn. A continuation may be 7... Nxe4 8. Qd5 Nd6 9. Nxe5 Where white has a lot of pressure on f7, but black can stay calm and play 9... Qf6.


    7. Nxe5 Nxe5 8. Qd5 d6 9. Qxe4 and 0-0 seems like another option for white.


    After obtaining a material advantage, continue to look for simple moves. 12... Nxe5 is a free piece. White will most likely not have enough material to even consider attacking after move 12. 

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