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We need more amateurs to post their annotated games.

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    @learn #869 

    Thanks for your input, I see what you mean about getting on the d6 and going after weak pawns. I will try to be more patient in my development too.

    Much appreciated Cool

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    Here are one blitz

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    a bullet game I played today against a 2100 player, I have played against this one before, in a 2 min + 1 sec blitz, winning once Wink, and now, eventhough I lost on time, the tactical shot is something I had always want to do for a long time, in which I do not have the opportunity to do so. 

    I hope that you guys will be able to do such a tactic on high-rated opponents ! Wink
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    Hey everyone! I've got two games from the minnesota open from over the weekend. My first one: I got trolled! second one: I spam the tactics!

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    @ zman - what about 12. ...Qd6?

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    spinfidelety wrote:

    @ zman - what about 12. ...Qd6?

    black is already in trouble, by not castling, and fyi, Qd6 is not possible, black is losing at this point, due to the threat of Bb5++ double check and mate. 


    I suggest at move 8 ... e6 then Be7 and castles. Black is a little bit worse, but not losing as one shows in game continuation.

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    Young man, keep your queen away from attack.

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    A lot of these games are pretty interesting.

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    ok, time to post some more games, this one is from online chess :)

    first up, a game I played a month ago, I had 2 pawns for a piece, then I did some tactics, and in the end, he resign in a position lots of people said a draw.

    looks like black is winning with his connected passed pawn, when white's pawn seems to be stopped dead in its track, can white salvage the game ?

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    Try and swallow THIS one, why don't y'all.

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    @weaponking : nice game ! I thought your position was quite lost there on move 77, but he erred with d6, and you got your chance to salvage the game, the rest is way outside my ability, as I can't see winning variations. Well done !

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    learnateverygame" wrote... (#876)

    Black may well be in trouble, but 12 ...Qd6 does prevent the immediate mate as 13. Bb5 Kd8 and black's queen is defended by the bishop.

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    spinfidelety wrote:
    learnateverygame" wrote... (#876)

    Black may well be in trouble, but 12 ...Qd6 does prevent the immediate mate as 13. Bb5 Kd8 and black's queen is defended by the bishop.

    yes, actually you're correct. I made this one a puzzle so that you will understand better what will happen to black if he plays on ;)

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    Nicely illustrated there. Took me a couple of tries to get the right line. Learner turned teacher Smile

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    That's a 3' fast-but-intense fight in a Rook endgame, decided by a simple pawn.
    Any comments on the endgame will be appreciated, as that's my weakest point.
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    pauix: 55... Rc8+ is your move.

    55....      Rc8+

    56. K any Rxc5

    57. Kxc5  Kd2 and pawn queens, giving you a simple K & Q vs K ending.

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    ok, I have not been playing longer blitz time, so I chose a 10 min game, and I got a really intimidating opponent, but I think he underestimated me, so he got careless, and lost a piece. I won the game slowly (cat and mouse style), making sure that there are no foolish blunders.


    as John Legend would say, "We don't know which way to go.. cuz we are ordinary people... Maybe we should take it slow, take it slow oh oh oh, this time we take it slow. Wink"
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    6.Qa4 was surely waste of time.That's why he left his queen in a vulnerable square for 7 moves.He didn't want to waste more time moving her out of there.Laughing

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    This game ended in a draw but I felt I could have recorded my highest blitz win yet. Looking for help on how to close him down at the end Tongue out


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