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what the #$%^was he playing and how did he win?

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    @ aronchuck

    I'm in a similar position to jojojopo with Pawn structures & also endgames. I'm searching out your earlier suggestions on endgame books but do you have any recomendations on study material for Pawn structures? Books or video would be good. I know the Stonewall Pawn structure pretty well (surprise, surprise) but the others you mention I have played many but never studied the finer points. Also like jojojopo I need work on King & Pawn endings, particularly creating passed Pawns.

    Any suggestions appreciated

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    hi everyone. I've been preoccupied with a few things other than chess the last couple of months. I just checked in to the thread and I'm glad you guys are continuing to work together. I'll be checking in and contributing as I can. Please continue the great work, jojojopo with your game contributions and others as it comes up. Its important that this focus on the contributor's games, and the learning chunks that lie ahead as shown by the acual games, exactly as you've been doing. Best, SBS

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    Not sure if anyone is still watching here. I've been playing some 3 day games & after 3 wins on timeout I finally got a win that is worth posting.

    So if anyone is still around here's the game. It was 3 days/move so the tactics were at a higher level than in OTB which allowed me to focus on strategy as well.

    I'll post my notes & analysis after everyone has had a chance to check it out.

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    where's the rest of the game?

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    brian97 wrote:

    where's the rest of the game?

    Thats where he resigned


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