What would have been a good move in this position?


Also, I'm not that concerned about the bad bishop...those have a way of finding air in such positions.

Is the Modern Steinitz the same as Steinitz Deferred?  If so, I've played that all the time. happy.png


I've been trying the Open of late.  More piece play (and I've never cared too much about having crappy pawns anyway).


It'll junk it up at least...that's all I ask. grin.png


I thought you were more a positional guy anyway.  You really play the Benoni & Grunfeld?


0-0 is fine

Also you can play 0-0-0 an g5 after that

GorskiVuk1970 wrote:


Also you can play 0-0-0 and g5 after that

I disagree!


Oh yeah bluebottle, the Schlechter!  I've been a bit afraid of that because White can get something of a bind in those symmetrical positions.

Clavius hat geschrieben:

Playing ...Nh7 followed by ...f5 to open a file for your f8 Rook (after O-O) is a decent short term idea.  White will try to centralize knights on d5 or perhaps e4 (after ...f5 x e4) and your Be7 could be vulnerable to Nd5.  So moving the bishop back to d8 keeps it safe and supports the queenside pawns plus opens e7 for your knight to counter a white knight on d5 and opens c6 for the c7 pawn to control d5 and keep the knight out of there.  Patiently defending, looking for opportunities to attack on the kingside after you open the f-file and waiting for an error by White is your plan.

Thank you very much! These ideas are very helpfull for me!


I like casting here. Development is always good. Well not always, but most of the time.