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Where did i blunder?

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    Position is fine except, R at f8 is off the board and the pawn at a7 should be on a6.

    If you could please repost with the correct position I will post White's move after Black's 29...Rd2

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    sure sorry i had  trouble getting it up .

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I am involved in a large project at work.

    My response to 29...Rd2 is 30.Ne4

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    rd3 and no problem i understand how those things go.

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    30...Rd3 31.e6

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    ah not expected! clearly the only move.

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    timepass12345 wrote:

    lol I'm not a stronger player but IMO the simple procedure for slaying the dragon is:1) Take out the opponent's dark squared bishop by exchanging your bishop for it or otherwise.

    2)  Castle on the opposite side.

    3) Launch an attack on his protruding g6 pawn by advancing your own h-pawn.

    In your case you can see that your opponent very cleverly took out your own dark squared bishop in move 9 so you couldn't carry out step 1) above. You didn't follow step 2). You tried step 3) but this is that much weaker without 2) as the h pawn is not backed by the rook on h1.

    So I think it was a series of strategic mistakes and also not being well informed about the opening ideas.


    The diagram on post #31 shows a R on h8 that is actually off the board. Please look at the correct diagram on post #27.

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    yes i have a lack of opening knowledge for the scilian. i suck at it in fact.


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