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Where did I go wrong? I should cancel my chess.com membership?

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    mickynj I keep examining your eval and it really was nice of you to do that. To answer some of your questions though that were in that eval, I've only been playing chess for about 3 weeks now.

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    ThePiousPatriot wrote:

    bxf7 was played because it means black can no longer castle, not because I was trying to take his queen mickeynj


    Trading a bishop for a pawn, just to prevent castling, is not normally worth it. Especially if you dont have enough material developed to force some other concession or gain additional material.

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    If you've only begun playing chess for 3 weeks ago, you're doing insanely well. I'd suggest sticking to the game; it took me months to hit 1000.

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    Dude your pieces sacrifices are objectively bad.

    Your stupid sacrifices only work because your opponents are weak players who can't deal with such sacrifices.

    Your refusal to recognise and accept your weaknesses is shocking, you are completely deluded and don't have the right mindset for improvement.

    Until you realise that your 'sacrifices' are bad and have a bit of humility, have fun being a low level player who never improves.

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    JordanNexhip writes nothing but a paragraph of insults, yet says my mindset isn't right for improvement. lmao. I've gone from 800 to nearly 1100 in 3 weeks. not that i have to defend myself, just pointed out that those who call others "stupid" are usually the stupid ones. you want people to kiss your arse just for a kind word on your part. lmao that's not going to happen. Martin Stahl thanks, but that sacrifice not being normal is exactly why it has worked. you mentioned that there has to be a concession of material. I was up in the end game. it was totally worth it. not sure if you seen the game or not.

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    It may only be worth it if your opponents don't know how to handle it. That is considered hope chess and will keep your rating down. You have to try and be more principled early on and become familiar with what works and what doesnt but giving up material to eliminate castling will only work on low rated players.

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    ThePiousPatriot wrote:

    Thumper once told Bambi, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

    All Bambi said was "Hunters suck!"




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    Fish-eyed fools is right, you disobeyed opening principals (in both games shown in the forum) by moving pieces multiple times and bringing your queen out early. You DID hang pieces, and you DID miss simple tactics. Also you ARE playing faster games and should play slower ones.

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    Thanks Martin and jbent

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    HAHA LouS


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