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Where did i go wrong?

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    I played this game in state and i just cannot tell where i went wrong and had a great chance and should have lost. I was black.

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    I did not play your game out...but I am not sure what you're asking. In your comments, you make it sound like you lost the game...but clearly black is winning. Why are you asking "where I went wrong"?

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    Stev i only won because of a mistake by white he missed oppurtunities to win the game and really he should have won it, i got lucky.

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    I would say that 3... d5 looks a bit suspect.  Now you're in effect playing the French but with 3... b6 as your third move, which seems rather slow and weakening.

    White certainly did overlook a slew of promising continuations later on.  Still, you did manage to hang on and come out on top...which is all that counts in the end. Smile

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    24.Re7+! Kxe7 25.Ng6+ Ke8 26.Qe5+ Kf7 27.Rd7+ Kxg6 28.Rxg7#, i must admit i would have been hesitant at first to give up material like this, but one can only resist so much :P

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    The opening seems a bit suspect, a strange mix of systems, but concretely 8...h6 doesn't help things (I think it was time to release the tension with 8...dxe4 and get a few pieces off); White's pieces are just too active (as shown in the game).

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    I agree whatb i really feel that wasmy weakest move i got scared of my knight being pinned because that almost killed me in a previous game. also 12  Qd6 i think was a bad moveon my part.

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    #24 ng6

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    b6 with Bb7 is a bit passive with your light square pawn chain.  Then Bb4 to influence e4 (by removing his c3 knight).  What you're setting up basically involves dxe4.  For example if white plays 7.e5 or 7.exd5 when you recapture with a pawn your set up looks a bit foolish. 

    But even with the follow up 8...dxe  hmm actually that would justify all your previous moves and would be great.  You had to play dxe at some point during that opening.  Otherwise don't put your bishop on b7.  Instead of b6 being part of a fianchetto try to use it as part of an expansion with c5 later (or as other mention don't include it in the french to begin with).

    8...h6 is a great object lesson of how moves like 8...h6 are a waste of time in the opening (non-developing and moves that don't control the center).  And just like the books say white exploits your lack of development (uncastled king) by opening lines and he's already winning, yep that fast.

    Moves like 23...Qxa2 are as good as resigning.  In the middle of an attack to remove your defender from the action? (and one of the only defenders?)  White can play 24.b3 or 24.c4 with an overwhelming position.

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    After 15

    I would have done 16 (almost a forced combination). I can see no good moves for black after this.


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    Pizza, you made a pretty confusing post.  Half think you are white.  I'm assuming you are black though.  As others have said, 8...h6 is bad news.  You just don't have time for it and got rocked although you won in the end.

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    Uh-oh, looks like Hurricane's auditioning to be the next pfren. Smile


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