Where is the smothered mate?!


This is an interesting game I finished the other day. I haven't run this through a chess engine yet, so I thought it would be fun to let the forum try to discover missed tactics.

Around move 15 I have a seemingly devastating attack. A smothered mate seems to be in my opponents future, but I couldn't find it for the life of me. The end result is that I settle for trading down and winning an easy endgame (my opponent made it easier by blundering often in the final moves). There is also a possible queen trap that I may have missed.

To the brilliant tacticians of this site: can you see anything that I missed? Was the smothere mate present all along, right under my nose? Could I have trapped his queen?


Hey, this is the game I lost! I'm glad the game was interesting, though. My move at 19 was the biggest blunder, I think. I'd love to read any observations on the game myself. John, I ran it through the chess.com anaysis. How do I send the results to you?


I just ran it through the chess.com analysis myself.  I have annotations in the game with some of my thoughts, but haven't gone through every variation I considered. I'm interested to know what you think also.