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Which Is Stronger: 2 Rooks or 1 Queen?

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    But what about 2 rooks vs. 1 Queen + a whole lot of pawns on both sides? Surely the queen is in advantage?

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    Looking from a purely theoretical perspective, two rooks are better because of their material value.

    Rook + Rook = 5 + 5 = 10
    Queen = 9

    Of course, it does depend on the position as well. Whether there are pawn chains, open files. Also how much each king is exposed and whether the rooks (or the queen) are active, purposeful or connected.

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    There is 1 more factor that was overlooked. Whose move?

    The side who got the 1st move is the stronger side.

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    There is 1 more factor that was overlooked. Whose move?

    The side who got the 1st move is the stronger side.

    Not necessarily. Tactical-time advantage is temporary. If the position is better for the other side, the side with the first move will slowly lose its initiative.

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    One factor not discussed is the human factor. Some people are like the queen better and are better with it. Also when some people play against the queen with the two rooks they blunder and leave one of the rooks loose and so forth. 

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    @all those posting 2R vs Q on an empty board and declaring it a draw : by this logic, a bishop is worth as much as two knights. All that proves is that 2R are not worth much more or much less than the queen.

    Putting apart the "human" / "psychology" / "he doesn't know how to play" factor :

    Though, on the average, they are of roughly equal value, in a typical position either the rook or the queen are much better than the other.

    It depends on the position, not as usual, but more than as usual. The crucial factor is king safety - unsafe kings push towards a draw.

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    i'm in a game where can make an exchange leaving two rooks against a queen. we have 5 pawns each. should i do it? both about 1400 evenly matched. should i even b asking for advice here? thnx

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    Asking for advice on a game is pretty strictly prohibited. Play out the game on your own skill and ask if you made the right choice once the game is over.

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    thanks ivandh, will do that.

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    In the final of this year's world cup, Kramnik won with 2 rooks vs. a queen:


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