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Why'd he resign?

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    --Chess.com rating 1300, playing white--
    Hi ya guys, I'm wondering why my opponent resigned at this point It hardly seems lost to me but I'm wondering if there's some tactic I'm not seeing. If so, I wish to learn it =D

    Otherwise I guess he had to run off suddenly and feed his cat, or water a peace lily, or fight a dragon who was trying to eat his cat.

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    Black looks to be winning to me, a non-chess reason I guess.

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    Black looks fine. Maybe he was scared that you'd checkmate him with your h-pawn, but that doesn't seem very likely. I'm guessing, especially since it was a 15 10 game, he had to go do something.

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    I don't always get a response to my forum posts, 
    but when I do, it's a useful comment.
    Thanks Scot 

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    I have another one for you lovely folks to have a looksee at, I just managed to remove his bishop from my bank rank but hardly seems like a decided match yet!

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    14...Nc2 would've killed you. Perhaps he saw that then ragequit after realising he missed it.

    For something more to do with the board, 15...Bg4 16. b3 Nb6 17. Nb5 is not pretty at all. Not completely lost yet, but highly unpleasant.

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    Yeah he was playing pretty fast, he played Nc4 in about 5 seconds, and I saw nc2 about 2 seconds after I moved then played hope chess and won it seems =D
    Your continuation looks nice Remellion, I'll add it to my own PGN file of the game. I always prefer to see a game completed after investing my time in it, so these ragequits are somewhat annoying. 


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