Would I have won this game if I finished it?


I was playing this game on live chess, and we got to this crucial position when my opponnet quit the game. I'm not sure if he quit because his internet connection kept going out, or because he saw it too. Reguardless, who has the better position, and who would probably win with best play?











I wanted to pin his king to my pawn, and bring in my rook to kick him off for promotion or checkmate him. I'm not sure what his plan of action for the next few moves would have been. I would of loved to finish this.


This may draw, but Black looks better because of his advanced pawn.  White has doubled pawns.  White to move may have to play 1.Kg2 Rf6 2.Kg3 and Black may want to exchange rooks with 2...Rg6.


Black has the advantage due to pawn on e3 threatening to promote.