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A draw I had against a Grand Master on here

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    I am not going to argue but I also looked it up and it said something different. It said what you said as well but it said something else to.

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    f5-f6 seems like an awfully strong threat at the end.  I'd say he lucked out. happy.png

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    NoHaxJustLuck wrote:

    it literally said to get FIDE 2500+ to become GM (and norms) on the internet, first result


    I know a GM ( Tiberiu Georgesc, he is my friend's list ) who never crossed 2500, he is around 2450 for years. He became GM 2 years ago, maybe the rulles "changed"

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    The qualifications may have changed slightly over the years

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    no, maybe because you can`t "take away" someones titles

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    Was a draw all along

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