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A great fighting game!

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    Here's a great fighting game I just played.. made some mistakes, missed some of the great moves but that was a great fighting game! please post or comments on this :)

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    WHY 20. NXD5?

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    I'm black in this game. The white blundered the bishop actually.. you see it's pinned against the knig and the pawn is threatning the bishop so white had to do something abt the pawn, he can't take it with rook so he took it with knight.. indeed that was a blunder.

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    Why white bring queen out on move 2?

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    ChainsawPanda wrote:

    Why white bring queen out on move 2?

    Because he is rated 872, probably?

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    ChainsawPanda wrote:

    Why white bring queen out on move 2?

    A few reasons:

    1.It's unusual, so it would force the other side spending some time to refute it.  Usually a viable strategy in blitz.

    2.d5 is a weak point for black, and a Qf3 reinforces this square somewhat.  However, a queen shouldn't really be doing a pawn,knight, and rook's job.  Heck, in the Sicilian white moves the queen elsewhere specifically to get a rook on d1 because a rook is far better suited to watch weak squares like this than a queen. 

    3.Prevents b5 or b6 from black, at least this is the idea in many Najdorf lines as e5 in those lines attacks a knight with a pawn and rook with the queen.  Here 2.Qf3 is very premature given the above as there's no indication black wants to fianchetto the bishop. 

    4.Notice how the above reasons are very flawed.  Like Pfren said he's 872 so one would expect flawed plans from sub-1000 even sub-1000 USCF. 

    What I found odd was his 3.Bb5+,Bd7 (black expcets 4.Bxd7,Qxd7 not Nxd7 since the knight is much better on c6) 4.Bc4, which one thinks has a Bogo-Indianesque quality.  However, it's fundamentally different since the bishop really isn't hindering the black queen's activity in the Sicilian and he simply helped black develop with tempo covering some weaknesses whereas in the Bogo-Indian one either expects to transpose into a Nimzo-Indian or expect Bd2-c5 or Bd2-Be7 as the queen's support of the d4 pawn is quite useful in queen pawn games. 

    Also, 8...Ne5 I saw immediately and thought it was odd you didn't play it.  8...Ne5 9.Qe2,g5 10.Nh3,Nxc4 11.dxc4,Nxe4 with a very active position and a pawn to boot.

    9...Qa5 is pure hope chess hoping for tactical tricks.  Better was ...d5 grabbing some center and opening lines when you have better development.

    He moves his darksquared bishop too much and even undevelops it back to c1!  13...g5 is better as it immediately restricts white's activity though 13...Be7 is still a fine and very reasonable developing move. 

    14.d4?? was a big blunder on his part throwing away a pawn and handing you activity.  Then Be3-Qxe4 and it's all over for white as he's down sufficient material without any compensation.

    18...Qc6 is still winning but it obstructs the bishop.  Lighter pieces are usually better in front as those are usually first to get exchanged.  The queen is perfectly safe on f5.

    After his massive piece blunder later you really cleaned him out good so all I have to say after his queenside castle walk into an absolute pin congrats. 

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    He thought i may fall for scholar's mate so he took is queen out


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