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boring games

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    I would learn as much as you can about the Fegatello (Fried Liver) Attack, used in game 3. It's not hard to memorize because a lot of the moves are forced and actually make sense, and you'll win a lot of games with it if you know it fairly well, because of numerous opportunites for your opponents to blunder as they did here with 7...Ke8?

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    Black should look at the Ulvestadt, 5. ... b5!? as an alternative to the bad 5. ... Nxd5 or the well-analyzed 5. ... Na5.  Of course, there is also the Wilkes Barre, 4. ... Bc5, but even I'm not crazy enough for that line.

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    5...Nd5 isn't that bad. I like the Fritz Var 5...Nd4 which often transposes into the Ulvestadt Var (5...b5), which can also transpose into the Fritz Var...


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