Embarrassment of a Computer


I played two games with Computer2-MEDIUM 10|10, and it played a ridiculously bad Endgame in both the games. I agree I played really bad, but so did the Computer in the end.

I must specify "in the end", because Computer had an advantage of a Queen (by promotion). The game was left with me with nothing but a King, and the Computer with a Queen, which is sufficient for a mate. But it just whiled its time around, giving Checks, and the game ended by the 50-move rule in both the cases. 

That was really a "self-embarrassment" by the Computer2-MEDIUM. Hadn't expected that from a robot. Probably only Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE and Computer3-HARD have a QK vs. K mate programmed into them. 


I guarantee you the computer was not embarrassed. That's one of the great things about them.


Look! http://www.chess.com/forum/view/game-showcase/long-blitz-game-with-easy-computer


?!?!? Laughing

But this computer played "normal" (for his rating).


Yes, I've played the medium computer many times and agree that it has no conception of endgames. It's pretty easy to get a 50-move draw out of it, even after getting into a dead lost position, and I've been bored enough to do this on several occasions! I'm not sure if that's part of the programming that they dumb down to make it "medium" or if the hard and impossible also do this too... haven't had the chance to beat them yet :-)

Yeah. The good news is that it never wins by a Checkmate in the Endgame :). The bad news is that even the Easy computer doesn't miss a Mate in 1 anywhere :(.
notmtwain wrote: I guarantee you the computer was not embarrassed. That's one of the great things about them. .. Agreed!

I must say, I am surprised at the medium computer's inability to checkmate with a Queen. I might expect that of Computer1-EASY (or perhaps it could stumble for a while but eventually--say, within 30-40 moves--achieve the mate, depending on the player's moves), but Computer2-MEDIUM should definitely be programmed to execute that pattern.


Even the impossible computer can play badly in the endgame. In spite of my feeble skills, here are two games where I stole a half-point in each because it messed up.



@Bab3s, 86. Qg3 Kh6 87. Qg6#


Computers never win.................unless on time or in the opening and middlegame but they never win in the endgame;computer hard gave me mercySmile

MSC157 wrote:

@Bab3s, 86. Qg3 Kh6 87. Qg6#

Actually, the computer would play 86...c3, but 87. Kf6 will mate next move.


@Bab3s: Excellent examples, but you wouldn't see this high level of computer fumble a K+Q v. K endgame in its favor.

@browni3141: 86. ... c6.


I play on COMPUTER-1 EASY and I got some defeats, mostly wins, but rarely draws. In fact, if I can remember, I think we had no draws. Always pounces on missing checkmates. But it blunders away pieces!


LOL...it must have been boring to play 50 moves...without any real events occuring!


7 queens, checkmate with knight: