Fun Black c5 Open to Mate in 9 moves


very unuseful.


I posted it to showcase the game. This is the correct forum for that use. Therefore, its usefulness is evident.

I used it and had fun using it. It's full of use. In fact, I'm going to use it again later tonight. If the game could talk, it would say, "I feel used."

However, your comment wasn't nice, relevant or helpful.


post it as a game or sequence of moves: 2nd option of the little chessboard when you post.


^Thanks ElKitch. 

I may do that when I return later. Or may just never participate again if there is some unwritten standard of game 'usefulness' posting prereq. 


Its just easier for us to look at the moves you want us to see. My reading of chessnotation is very slow, and I dont see the moves on the board in my mind when I read the notation. So for me it is much easier to click through the game. And its more exciting. Now I see how you mated, but when Im clicking from start to end I slowly see the mated coming (or I see it on the final move :))


urm so this is a useless post??



I didnt mean what you think! It was a useless game for both sides` obvious mistakes, but the mate was a nice one. I should have said this before.

please unremove your game.



.. and please don't get offended by just one opinion.. I found this topic now unuseful, so are you going to put everything back up?


Why are you offended? Who cares about poeples opinions on here, a lot of people troll in these forums.

I, on the other hand, is very interested.