Gates - Carlsen


Magnus Carlsen played Bill Gates on the Norwegian TV show Skavlan on Saturday January 25th, 2014.

Time Control: Magnus said: "I will have 30 seconds, you can have as much time as you wish." Gates got two minutes. 

The game went like this

After the game, Magnus said: "I violated one of my principles. I never use cheap tricks, but in this case I did"


With only 30 seconds in an OTB game, you kind of have to use cheap tricks to win, because he has to win within 15-20 moves or else he'll run out of time.


Carlsen making some risky moves on the assumption Bill Gates had no idea what he was doing.

7. Be2 and black is wondering where his attack went.


7. hxg4 is fine.  Instead of 9. Nxe5 he should've just moved Re1, which removes the mate threat on h2.  (After Nxf3+ Qxf3 Qh2+, Kf1 is available and the king is safe)


You would play h3 in that position with 2 minutes on your clock against Carlsen?

Too complicated for me.

Of course if Gates was a little better, a shot like 6 Nb5 would have been an uncomfortable loss of initiative for black.


The programme can be seen here (for a short time).

The game starts at around 54:45