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Gates - Carlsen

  • #1

    Magnus Carlsen played Bill Gates on the Norwegian TV show Skavlan on Saturday January 25th, 2014.

    Time Control: Magnus said: "I will have 30 seconds, you can have as much time as you wish." Gates got two minutes. 

    The game went like this

    After the game, Magnus said: "I violated one of my principles. I never use cheap tricks, but in this case I did"

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    With only 30 seconds in an OTB game, you kind of have to use cheap tricks to win, because he has to win within 15-20 moves or else he'll run out of time.

  • #3

    Carlsen making some risky moves on the assumption Bill Gates had no idea what he was doing.

    7. Be2 and black is wondering where his attack went.

  • #4

    7. hxg4 is fine.  Instead of 9. Nxe5 he should've just moved Re1, which removes the mate threat on h2.  (After Nxf3+ Qxf3 Qh2+, Kf1 is available and the king is safe)

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    You would play h3 in that position with 2 minutes on your clock against Carlsen?

    Too complicated for me.

    Of course if Gates was a little better, a shot like 6 Nb5 would have been an uncomfortable loss of initiative for black.

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    The programme can be seen here (for a short time).


    The game starts at around 54:45


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